I may have told a small lie in my last post, in which I stated that I would review the stand alone Witcher book; however, I forgot and actually finished it ages ago! but I have read some excellent works lately so I’m going to come back with one of those.

Serpent and Dove by Shelby Mahurin was an impulse purchase from Amazon purely because it seemed like it maybe something I may like…and yes, I like it, I like it a lot. I like it to the point it may actually end up being my Book of the Year, but we shall see as it is only November and I have many more books to read before the year is up!

To quickly summarise (with no spoilers of course), this book is essentially a witch and a witch-hunter who are forced together in marriage in a world that resembles fantasy medieval France. It has romance, adventure and fantasy in one book (everything I love of course). The book is divided between the two main characters points of view, ‘Lou’ the witch and ‘Reid’ the witch-hunter. Normally I find split chapters confusing, but not in this case. Lou and Reid have very distinctive voices throughout the book and thus it is hard to get confused between the two.

My personal favourite thing about this book is its setting; as I previously stated it is set in a world reminiscent of a fantasy medieval France, and it is gorgeous, the world itself and the characters, who are described perfectly. There are lots of themes running through the book, such as good vs evil, Christianity vs Paganism (or witchcraft etc) and otherness just to highlight a few, all of which are handled well by the author.

The most exciting part of this book are the various twists in the plot; I read a lot of fiction and it gets to a point where you can generally see where a story is going (especially in the YA genre); however, not the case in this work, the twists in the story were excellently executed by the author and really engage the reader, I read this book in two and half days because I struggled to put it down. As previously noted, I find some Young Adult Fantasy to be predictable, but this book was not the case in the slightest, I am so happy that there is going to be a sequel as I think this will give a chance for the author to really develop the characters (not till 2020 though).

I do not actually have a single bad thing to say about this book, it was gripping, powerful and just addictive really…I very much look forwards to the next!

A little bit of a quick one, but I’m just getting back into writing!


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