I read this a month or so ago but given my last review this one seems fitting to come next, The Vine Witch and Serpent and Dove are pretty similar in terms of style and setting.

Once again, this was an impulse purchase, given it had half off on amazon which I wouldn’t resist. The plot briefly is as follows: Elena was kept under a Curse for years until freeing herself (bam feminist hero!), upon freeing herself she goes back to her old life as the Vine Witch of a vineyard; however, the vineyard now has a new owner who does not believe in magic or superstition. The book of course has elements of romance, magic and even crime making it a pretty good read for many fantasy fans.

As with the Serpent and Dove that I reviewed earlier in the week, one of my favourite things about The Vine Witch is the setting, think early modern fantasy France, with elements of the medieval period chucked in for good measure. The combination above makes for a very beautiful world, and easily imaginable.

Imagery is very important in this book, and something the author does well. A large part of the story is about wine and taste and the senses overall and Smith makes these things come alive for her readers.

The story itself, while having aspects you find in much Young Adult fantasy, is quite original (at least not something I’ve come across) which is nice, I’ve mentioned before that originality in YA is something that lacks a little at times.

There was not anything that I disliked about this book, if not for Dove and Serpent The Vine Witch would be a contender for Book of the Year for me, but alas!

I believe there is a sequel planned for 2020 so very exciting to see how that goes!

Thanks as always,


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