It is purely coincidence that the book I read after The Silence of the Girls based off of The Illiad is Circe a retelling of Homer’s Odyssey. As with The Illiad, I’ve not read Odyssey but I know the vague story and Greek mythology and Gods/Goddesses.

Firstly, this is a beautiful book. The detail and descriptions are flawless and compelling. A huge positive of this book is the character development, we see the main character Circe develop from a unsatisfied, almost meek being at the beginning of the book to a strong and independent character towards the end. However, this is not done in the way you sometimes see in fantasy, in which the character is totally unrecognisable by the end. Circe as a character retains some of her more ‘human’ flaws and that’s what makes the characterization in this book so lovely.

I would recommend reading this alongside The Silence of the Girls as there are overlaps in the story and characters and they almost seem to compliment each other. They are very different books I must stress but they are both very powerful feminist reworkings of great classics.

My only negative is that at times I found it a little slow for my taste, meaning I didn’t utterly devour it like I did with The Silence of the Girls; however, that just means it took me a little longer to read!

Next up I think I’ll be reading State of Sorrow by Melinda Salisbury.

Thanks for reading!

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