This was a bit of a chance buy (as most of my reads are I guess) but it sounded down my street so I got it. To begin with, on first glance, this is like most young adult fiction fantasy you’ll pick up…’girl around 18 inherits a country, there are issues and threats, some magic and some romantic’ it’s been done a lot. However, it differs from what has been done so many times before in the fact there are many twists and turns in the plot, meaning that aspect of predictability is gone which is excellent.

Another way in which this differs from so many others of its genre is the lack of focus on romance, there’s hints of it, don’t get me wrong but it’s not in your face or cringy in the same way some YA books are.

What this book lacks is good strong characterisation, I come from a position in which the past two books I have read have been perfect in this regard so I maybe a little harsh here; I don’t get a big sense of any real development with the characters and they don’t strike me as particularly ‘real’, they’re perfectly likeable (or awful if they’re meant to be) but there’s no real growth there. That said, I believe there’s going to be a second book; therefore, some character development could take place perfectly.

Overall, if you like the general genre of young adult fantasy fiction then chances are you’ll like this, as I said, upon first glance it’s underwhelming; however, give it a chance I warmed to it a lot more than I thought I would.


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