Go back a couple of posts and you’ll find my review of the first book in this series ‘State of Sorrow’ which I liked but felt was predictable and undeveloped in places. The sequel however, is gripping.

The sequel is advertised as being ‘thrillingly dark’ now I’d agree with the thrilling part, it was, but it’s not overly dark. It has it’s moments but it’s not a real standout. What does standout for me is how much the main character ‘Sorrow’ grows and develops in this book from the first installment. The lack of character growth was for me, one of the biggest let downs of the first book, but this completely turns that on its head.

I think I also noted that I found the first book a little predictable, again, ‘Song of Sorrow’ goes against that totally, there’s lots of nice little twists and turns that keep this book very engaging.

A very small particular I adored about this sequel is it’s portrayal of LGBTQ characters, there’s no big song and dance around it the particular characters are simply attracted to who they’re attracted to and everyone just happily gets on with their day. There’s also no stereotypes, which is refreshing. It’s a subtle thing but I really liked it and the full inclusion of LGBTQ characters is something still a little lacking in this genre.

It’s not often a sequel is better than the first…but in this case, it is. A fully addictive and immersive read.

Next up is ‘The Sin Eaters Daughter’ also by Melinda Salisbury.

Thanks as always!

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